Monday, February 28, 2011

Panning Gold, Prospecting And Playing In The Creek

 took me over 32 years to find one of the coolest hobbies I have ever done! Gold panning can be one of the nicest things you can do! The first time I went panning was about 3 months. Me and my father decided to go to Dahlonega, GA for our first experience of exploration. It took about 3 hours to get there from Alabama and we were shocked! 

Atlanta won all the way to Dahlonega and there were houses on every block. We drove around for several minutes and finally found their empty lake. It was a great idea, people have probably never been to certain areas for many years! The levels were very low and we immediately felt the importance of water. 

We parked and went to the doc at the lake and found a really nice flush Quart. We pecked around for awhile hoping to find a band of gold. We ended up walking about a mile of the lake and turned around and decided to leave. We drove east of Dahlonega and found a current flowing really nice. 

As soon as I got into the stream, I could see there were several kinds of rocks and minerals in water. I fell into the pan and pulled up and let the water wash the sand cap it all. When I saw this beautiful yellow on the bottom of the pan. I shouted: "I found gold!" My father come and he laughed and said it was fool's gold. It was everywhere and if you tried to break it would crumble apart. We did not find gold, but we had a fun day and could see a river very impressive for a short time! 

If you did not know about the gold here is a little info to get you started. 

First, is a heavy metal yellow. It has a density of 19.3 which means fourth gold would weigh 19.3 times more than a liter of water. In comparison, lead has a density of about 11 for gold is almost twice as heavy as lead. 

? Malleable and ductile. It can be hammered so thin that 250,000 sheets would be one inch in height! An ounce can be drawn into a wire thirty-five miles long. 

? Gold is never found pure in nature. It is usually alloyed with copper, silver and / or platinum. 

? Gold is so heavy that it will act differently than other materials. So if you pan properly, it will remain in the bottom of your pan! 

? Gold has a brilliant structure and nearly the same in and out of light. 

? Not sure if you found gold? Take a hammer and if it breaks, you're out of luck. If it's gold, it bends and breaks it! 

? Not recommended for beginners-get nitric acid and drop it there. If it does not respond, you can have gold! Nitric acid is dangerous if it goes on you or you breathe the fumes it can hurt you! Search how to use it! 

Where to find gold 

1. A stream passes through many miles of different minerals. 

2. The density is ten times that of common sand! Therefore, it is naturally the inferior position in a stream. 

3. A new offer is available each year. Spring showers always wash down Gold Creek. 

4. Being on the river can be a way to spend the day. 

5. It can be difficult to obtain the properties of these days, stick to public bridges. We have a right of passage in streams! 

6. The placer gold can sometimes lead to a path vein. If you find it, you'll never work again! 

Which Streams contain gold? 

There are 4 features that you need to find gold! 

1. The stream can not be damned and move freely. 

2. You need to have a content-rich minerals in the region. 

3. The creek needs sufficient altitude to churn spring floods. 

4. Stream path formations and rock to facilitate the deposition of dense materials (gold, lead, iron, mercury, etc.) 

Gold is found that the free metal and telluride. It is widely distributed and almost always associated with pyrite or quartz. veins of gold found in alluvial deposits. If you find a vein quarter peck around him and be sure and look nice! People have found rocks Fourth gold all around. 

I read that if you find black sand which is an excellent place to look for gold! Another place to look is around a big rock or a former newspaper! This is where you can find a nugget of Nice, which was hidden for years! 

Go find yourself a pot and a plan for a great get-away, and go today panoramic! 

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Detect gold by The Laser Gun

Discovery of gold by the laser. Is the latest innovative methods in the discovery of gold. This method is not as difficult as some think


Because of the diversity of opinions and ideas of many clients inobtaining a tool that has particular characteristics and features and have the type of gun that is small, lightweight, easy to use andhaving a powerful performance.
All these desires and needs met in the same request, and insistedon the necessity of the existence of these specifications in a smalltool so the company has an agreement with our factories in the United States to begin manufacturing the tool with highperformance and great specifications.
So they started putting all ideas and proposals for generating atool that searches for gold, underground caves and buried treasure to locate their exact location exactly. Such ideas becomea reality through the invention of the affected laser gun.

Features and Characteristics of the Laser Pistol
1. The gizmo works in winter season with nice accuracy in the remainder of the seasons works at night only , it would be better if the research is after ten o´clock

2. The gizmo works in ordinary soil areas semi-rocky .

3. The gizmo works inside houses,walls  castles with nice effectiveness .

4. To choose the depth of the buried target, press ``Depth`` button.

5. Specialized only in detecting precious metals, Caves, Caverns, Empties usually.

6. The gizmo has a small size as it considers the smallest electronic gizmo, looking for Gold, in the World.

7. Simple in movement  transportation, as it considers the lightest of any other gizmo at all .

8. The absolute simplesity in using  location detection fastly  complete accuracy .

9. A great ability to choose the target  the middle point .
10. The gizmo determines the target depth basically displays  by the gizmo screen(computer).

11. The gizmo has two systems for research  detection .

12. The gizmo works with 9 Volt battery able to changing from 
 13 hours of continuous working .

13. The gizmo weight only 300 Gram .

14. The gizmo made in U.S.A .

Technical qualification
1. The tool has a choosing process for locating gold only.

2. The tool has a choosing process for locating caves only .

3. The tool detects until 12 meters underground and for large targets the detection range reached to 18 meters

4. This tool combines between all the techniques and international qualifications for the laser devices usually, as it's a unique features and high tech of excellant performance.

5. The tool is supplied with 12 laser waves which are regarded as the ground sensors to measure and following up. Each wave contains 4 laser circles so that the survey and research and the total will be with forty-eight (48) laser Circles. In addition to the basic research point which transmit the signal through the tool for a distance of 500 M SQ at your position.

How to program the Lazar tool DIS 300?
1- Gold Discovering identification method .

2- Caves Discovering identification method .

3- Depth identification method for the explored target .

4- The digital screen (Numeric) displays an automatic method which works automatically without any programming.

5- By the method ``RANGE``, you will know the blending, the ground balance, and the natural rate of soil. Through this the tool will program itself in few seconds.

DIS300 Components
1. Numeric Meters Guide.

2. Three Principal Searching systems.

3. Digital, numeric  light screen .

4. A control button for switching on / off .

5. The chance of changing the rayes launching manipulation .

6. The opening guide for the detection area  discover the depth

7. control unit to hide the screen light of the tool .

8. High Sensitivity to the explored target .

9. Sending a wave of Laser Rays with a high flow .

10. A control unit in choosing the technique according to your require of exploration .

11. The main unit of the tool is in a pistol form with that you can over by hand

12. Control keys with touching to know: the target direction, the target I.D,the Middle  the Depth .

13. A control unit in the Laser Rays type  to hide them, simultaneously keeping your work.

14. The tool measures  discovers from (-20º C to 527º C) for amazing dimensions  depths.

15. An international ensurance for a year.

16. An educational CD .

17. A leather buffer bag from water  heat to save protect the tool.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Power Sluices and Hibankers

Click to enlargeHighbankers - Power Sluices

Power Sluices and Hibankers are available at the bottom of the page - scroll down. The inlet valves / Highbank: A supply valve, sometimes called Highbank or hibanker is a piece of gold prospecting equipment that uses a pump to force water through a sluice box to mimic the natural flow of a streamwater. Sometimes, a hopper with spray bars and a screen classifier (or grizzly) is used. The gravel is added slowly to the shovel into the hopper and washed on a screen classifier to remove pieces of rock that are too large to pass through the lock. 
The water pump can be either electric or gas powered. If the unit is designed to catch and recirculate the water it is called a recirculating power sluice, or recirculating hibanker. These are generally powered by 12 volt batteries available at Walmart for around $19.
Benefits of highbankers:
Rather than haul material to the water, you can bring a lightweight, efficient power sluice to the source. The power sluice can work remote placer deposits hundreds of feet away from the water source. In the case of recirculating units they can be operated in desert areas with very little water.
The typical hopper design washes clay and debris with a high pressure washing spray bar and all washed material becomes classified to less than 1/2 inch for impoved recovery of smaller gold. The spray bar may be equipped with a water valve for ease of controlling the flow in the sluice.
The sluice box itself is constructed like a normal stream sluice except it is equipped with an adjustable independent leg support system that enables the power sluice to be assembled on any type of terrain in a matter of minutes.
Combination Dredge / Power Sluice:
IIf a feed valve engine uses a high pressure gas, it is relatively easy to adapt so that it can also operate as a dredger small. The combination of the popular power sluice and portable dredge creates a recovery system that can be used effectively in most situations. Generally, these dredges have a 1 / 2 to 3 inches and suction nozzles are designed to operate in shallow waters without needing equipment scuba diving or air compressor (hookah). 
The sluice can also be modified for dredging with more riffles Hungarian style to accommodate the increased water flow and speed. Other changes may include adding foam mats or special juvenile and ribbed rubber mat to catch the fine gold.

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