Thursday, January 27, 2011

Artisanal Gold Mining Mali

 People panning for gold using traditional techniques on the Niger River, Mali, West Africa. They seem to get about one or two US dollars-worth in an afternoon when sold at local market. Few other ways to earn cash there, plus keep coolish during the hot season..

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Rocks and the problems they cause

 There are a number of definitions of what the hot stones are made of, but in general they are what we know that ordinary granite. hot rocks are a remnant of a cosmic fusion. In the molten planet, heavy minerals moved down. lighter elements, such as granites, floated to the top. To date, they are always fixed in the crust as hot dry rocks. They are also one of the worst enemies of a prospector may have. An important issue to remember about metal detectors is that even the best and finest metal detector will respond to what is known as hot rocks. hot rocks are mineralized rocks that give a lot of metal detectors a hit. Prospecting for gold hot rocks bear on problems, and why this is happening? Well, when the loop detector is passed over them, they are very noisy and in many occasions what prospectors wrong to think that he found a metal target. And they cause inconvenience, because they lead the prospector to think he might have found something, when in fact he has only run into a hot rock. Although the hot rocks can be a bit boring for prospectors, he did not turn into such a situation for the big reason why there is a way to address this problem. It is possible to identify them. It will take practice so that the prospector is able to do when it's a hot rock or metal target real. Consider also that a rock may be a hot rock in a field while he may not be in another area.Therefore, this means that hot stones is a "hot rock" according to the type of land that is located in, and depending on the amount of mineralization, as "hot" of the rock will be. 

If a rock causes there to be a noise in the detector, it is caused by the variation of the mineralization in the ground. In fact, there are rocks that are so mineralized that they not only are a signal that sounds like metal, but they can also cause the audio detector to overload and the opportunity to neutralize the effectiveness of the loop This means they can literally destroy the use of the detector so that it does not detect a target ..

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Gold Prospecting and Mineral Deposit Exploration

 The objective of the survey is to provide the mining world market for mineral or energy minerals. Decisions exploration of one or another mineral, in one place or another is a function of economic and political context in the world and can be accomplished by public or private. In the first case the basic materials research is done by a public body. In the second case, it is reached that the concept of income or public services and research decisions are related to possible fluctuations in the global market. Another case can be given as in developing countries where the survey can be trusted to a public agency in another country of another country, a private company or an international body. 

Why look for minerals Increased demand is due to:
An increase in world population Increased needs of the population This implies an increase in production or a revival of the investigation. However, the evolution of technology creates new needs more. For example, appearance and engine start and explosion of fuel derived from oil, has necessitated the creation of more resistant alloys that are possible with increased exploration of new minerals such as antimony , chrome, nickel, cadmium, and oil exploration. All this involves the cycle of mineral economics. In the following we give an example of the first mineral used by man, which is quartzite or flint. Originally a prehistoric man, who was more attentive than others, discovered by chance the original properties of quartzite and benefits to the extent where wood and clay hardened in the heat were more hardness, a minimum amount of wear down sharp cutting edges, etc.
After this:
The first artisanal mining of mineral resources has emerged. Use given superiority over those with wooden weapons. Trade in change, with increasing demand for higher prices. The protection of security that causes the envy of others: the owner protects his property and must do so by hand to make the extraction and thongs other for food distribution. In this way, we can see an embryo of a program of capitalist society in place (head, worker, currency exchange or purchase, the nations of hard work).Second, competition is manifested through "industrial espionage" someone gets some flint and "prospects" of the place. Another deposit is found, prices decrease, everything has its own variety of silica.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Instrumental Finish in Gold Analysis

 One should first pick and flatten the beads and put them into 16 x 125mm disposable glass test tube. One should ensure water bath is a minimum of 75 0C. Another option is the use of fine sand. The sand gets far hotter than a water bath.
The assayer should add .5 ml of concentrated HNO3 from a calibrated dispenser and place rack in hot water bath for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the assayer should confirm by visually inspecting the test tubes for the complete silver digestion. After the assayer confirms that the silver bead is digested, one can proceed to digest the gold by dispensing 1.5 mL of concentrated HCl from a calibrated dispenser into the test tube. 
Once both the acids are added one should again inspect each of the test tube for complete digestion of the gold. The final steps are to dilute to the final volume and shake the test tube to mix the solution thoroughly. The addition of the acids should be done inside of a fume hood because of the fumes that are produced.
Bead parting tips for readings done on an AAS or ICP OES/MS are as the follows. One should check that each tube has a bead in it. One should also check that the acids are dispensed correctly. The aqua regia should be an orange/yellow colour. One can look for the AgCl precipitate in each test tube. For the measurement of gold by AAS or ICP/OES measurement, the entire bead must be dissolved so the instrument can measure the solution concentration. The instruments determined the concentrations by aspiration the sample into the calibrated instrument. This instrumental method is much more common for finishing then measuring with the gravimetric technique. The instruments are capable of a much lower detection limits. Labs can measure a 1 or 2 ppb detection limits using AAS, ICP OES and ICP MS.

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Understanding Mining Claims and Old Digs

 A common mistake that many new miners prospectors do is assuming that each claim they see, whether lode or placer gold. They are also valid for the old mines and prospects.

The old timers were a different race than we are today. Back in the 1800s and early 1900s the former miners and prospectors not spend time on something that they believed they were paid or payable. And if a belief, it is better to turn to reality pretty quickly. If they spent the time to do something, it was profitable.

When it came to gold they often "pocket" hunted. What that means hunters will find pockets and working rich pockets of gold. Once they moved pinched.

To return to the first paragraph. As we wonder deserts and forests that we often see many searches. Some of them were for the war effort. The U.S. war machine needed copper, tungsten, etc., to be victorious. Often companies would send large exploration teams on the sample in areas susceptible. Sometimes it worked, often it does not. But he allowed a search, and unless you have good geological knowledge you can lose a huge amount of time something is running and it never was.

Lode claims may be filed for gold, silver, copper, tungsten, etc. Place claims can be gold, diamonds, gemstones, platinum group metals, etc. What happens to this day. So the next time you do research or watch an old claims dig just stop and think about it and maybe before investing too much time, if its legal system, take a small sample to find out more.

In addition, as gold prices rise the crooks out of the woods and begin to exploit the filing of applications where they believe it will drop its mad money, always be wary of claims filed in gold when gold prices have reached historic highs. Do your homework, knowledge is power and the relationship between success and failure.

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Predictions For 2011 Gold Prospecting and Mining

None of us are divine assistance with anything, including the gold industry. So here's my best estimate on the price of gold, the gold industry and what else we could see in the new year.

1) expanded search for rare earth minerals in the world - with China is cutting exports of many efforts to explore new start in other parts of the globe to locate deposits concentrated. Although the rare earth is not really very rare, large amounts of concentrates are.

2) Gun rights victories - we'll start to see a shift to common sense, human PRO gun for law-abiding citizens.

3) Gold Price - Due to many factors, both domestic and international gold should rise to $ 1,600.00 an ounce in July 2011.

4) New lower prices Pulse Induction Metal Detector - White's TDI sales begin to take a bite out of profits Minelab, we will offer a new Minelab lower prices, "entry level" type of metal detector for PI the nugget hunting community. OR we'll see another company come out with a new unit PI quite a price range much lower TDI.

5) New technology VLF Metal Detector - Just think the time has come for improvements to the technology VLF to hunt gold nugget Fisher, Minelab, Tesoro or white. This may also somehow connected to opposite number 5 as indicated above.

6) Interest rises in fine gold recovery - As the war detector companies on customers, companies such as Keene Engineering and Angus MacKirk can enjoy greater profits and more emphasis on gold miners that is easy to retrieve.

7) New Internet Mapping Technologies - More products like Google Earth and Google Maps will be extended not only by designers but by the open source community in general.

Good, bad? Who knows. I'm just here to have a good time and forecasting can be fun. As always, all good and best opportunities in your hunt for gold.

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