Saturday, December 11, 2010

Used Mining Equipment

Most the time at the beginning of any mining project appear the question about the type of mining equipment to be employed. Some times the decision is not easy due to the lack of information on used equipments or the lack of experience with certain new equipments. Obviously, new equipment is an attractive choice, but the investment could be out of the real cost. So, the option focused on used mining equipment must be considered.

Perhaps, many mining companies and public in general, can’t imagine that big corporations around the world acquire used equipment to be employed in the mine or in the mill because they try to save money when is possible. If the results will be the same, then to buy used equipment is an interesting option. For example, some loader manufacturers rent equipment which will be sold in the next months. If the manufacturer rent a machine, obviously the maintenance is performed with the same care of new equipment. For that reason, this is an advantage because at the moment of acquire the machine, you will know that the equipment is in good conditions and won’t fail at the first use. There is an implicit warranty.
Obviously at the moment of inspecting any used equipment, it is important to take some considerations. For example, a hydraulic excavator is equipment which operates under severe conditions and some precautions must be taken. The lack of maintenance can promote problems with hydraulic hoses that connect to the hydraulic cylinder at the cross tube can contact the hood resulting in damage for the hoses. If the equipment needs modification regarding a specific problem, it could be made at no charge.
Other equipment offered on sale is the mobile crushing plant. This equipment usually comprises a hopper, jaw crusher, conveyor belt, and screen. In this case, will be important to check in the crusher some parts such as the electric motor, liners and toggle. A conveyor belt is not a problematic issue, but the screen requires special inspection due to many times the structure has been working under extreme impact and vibration. Those problems can be fixed easily, but it is important to obtain the crushing in the best operative conditions.
Inspection must be done by experienced people due to they know how a machine works and where could be the most serious problems in any equipment. In this case expert hands are the best way of deciding the most appropriate equipment. If there is doubt, a second opinion is important in order to get a better idea of possible performance of the equipment in the same operation. As was mentioned used equipment is an appropriate way of saving money by using smart decisions.

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