Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Price of Australian Gold

Ever since the world financial system embodied a US dollar standard, a medium of exchange whereby merely one nation has the benefit of borrowing and repaying debt in its own currency, the central banks and bullion banks (basically large international banks) have been trying to suppress the price of gold downwards in an attempt to influence the ‘durability’ of the US dollar monetary system the world has functioned under since 1971.
Substantial demand and weak supply should be producing much higher prices. One reason as to why this isn’t occurring relates to the short term affect of hedge funds trading gold to satisfy investor redemptions. However, this is not the major reason, as hedge funds are more likely to deal in gold futures rather than physical gold. Even though the monetary value of gold in US dollars has been under pressure, the principle gold producers have little inducement to step-up production at the present price levels. Even in Australian dollars, the price of gold isn’t high enough to promote increased output.
Australian Gold Price Charts
Buy Gold in Australia
To buy gold in Australia is very easy. Australia is fortunate enought to have two mints. the Perth Mint and the Australian Mint. Probably the first place one would look to is the Perth Mint who sell a very extensive range of gold products. Also there are a number of reputable Australian Gold Dealers one can buy gold from in Australia.
Australian gold products include:
* Australian gold coins
* Australian gold bars and bullion
* Australian Nuggets
* Early Australian Gold Jewellery
The Australian Gold Sovereign is popular with collectors, having an investment potential as well as beauty and rarity. The Sovereign has been struck at the Australian Mint and Perth Mint over a period of years and while the recently minted ones are excellent in their own right, the earlier and rarer ones are also sort after by enthusiasts building a collection.

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