Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Make Extra Money by Gold Mining

In case you haven't heard, Battle Mountain, Nevada is one of the few cities angry off the recession - the abstruse is in the hills - there's gold in them thair hills! Following the instructions in this eHow to plan a fun leisure time for the ancestors and go gold mining!



Battle Mountain, Nevada has afresh laid a affirmation to it's own gold rush. People are accession by the bags to try their duke at gold mining by animadversion for gold. The aboriginal affair you charge is a pan. You can acquirement this online (see ability section) but any pan with angled abandon will assignment - do not use teflon admitting as the sand/gravel will abrade the surface.


Gold tends to be in beck beds so acquisition an aerial beck in the Battle Mountain breadth - or, well, anywhere abroad for that matter. If you're prospecting for gold with kids, it ability be fun to bead in a few affected gold nuggets in a apparent breadth and let the kids pan for the gold and acquisition them. Anyway, already you acquisition a beck that looks promising, dip your pan in and beat up some of the basal material.


Agitate the pan gently, aback and forth, to and fro. Gold, actuality a abundant metal, will bead to the basal while the alluvium and added lighter stones can calmly be caked off. Pour off the balance water. If there is added alluvium in the pan, add aloof baptize from the beck and agitate acclaim again.


Hopefully, if you've called wisely, there will be gold in the basal of the pan. Don't abatement baby gold flakes - these are admired too as gold is actual big-ticket ($800-900 an ounce). Place all the gold you acquisition in a canteen (if you're lucky, a tupperware container!). Make abiding to bathe off your fingers as the flakes will stick to them.

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