Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot Rocks and the problems they cause

 There are a number of definitions of what the hot stones are made of, but in general they are what we know that ordinary granite. hot rocks are a remnant of a cosmic fusion. In the molten planet, heavy minerals moved down. lighter elements, such as granites, floated to the top. To date, they are always fixed in the crust as hot dry rocks. They are also one of the worst enemies of a prospector may have. An important issue to remember about metal detectors is that even the best and finest metal detector will respond to what is known as hot rocks. hot rocks are mineralized rocks that give a lot of metal detectors a hit. Prospecting for gold hot rocks bear on problems, and why this is happening? Well, when the loop detector is passed over them, they are very noisy and in many occasions what prospectors wrong to think that he found a metal target. And they cause inconvenience, because they lead the prospector to think he might have found something, when in fact he has only run into a hot rock. Although the hot rocks can be a bit boring for prospectors, he did not turn into such a situation for the big reason why there is a way to address this problem. It is possible to identify them. It will take practice so that the prospector is able to do when it's a hot rock or metal target real. Consider also that a rock may be a hot rock in a field while he may not be in another area.Therefore, this means that hot stones is a "hot rock" according to the type of land that is located in, and depending on the amount of mineralization, as "hot" of the rock will be. 

If a rock causes there to be a noise in the detector, it is caused by the variation of the mineralization in the ground. In fact, there are rocks that are so mineralized that they not only are a signal that sounds like metal, but they can also cause the audio detector to overload and the opportunity to neutralize the effectiveness of the loop This means they can literally destroy the use of the detector so that it does not detect a target ..

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