Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gold Prospecting and Mineral Deposit Exploration

 The objective of the survey is to provide the mining world market for mineral or energy minerals. Decisions exploration of one or another mineral, in one place or another is a function of economic and political context in the world and can be accomplished by public or private. In the first case the basic materials research is done by a public body. In the second case, it is reached that the concept of income or public services and research decisions are related to possible fluctuations in the global market. Another case can be given as in developing countries where the survey can be trusted to a public agency in another country of another country, a private company or an international body. 

Why look for minerals Increased demand is due to:
An increase in world population Increased needs of the population This implies an increase in production or a revival of the investigation. However, the evolution of technology creates new needs more. For example, appearance and engine start and explosion of fuel derived from oil, has necessitated the creation of more resistant alloys that are possible with increased exploration of new minerals such as antimony , chrome, nickel, cadmium, and oil exploration. All this involves the cycle of mineral economics. In the following we give an example of the first mineral used by man, which is quartzite or flint. Originally a prehistoric man, who was more attentive than others, discovered by chance the original properties of quartzite and benefits to the extent where wood and clay hardened in the heat were more hardness, a minimum amount of wear down sharp cutting edges, etc.
After this:
The first artisanal mining of mineral resources has emerged. Use given superiority over those with wooden weapons. Trade in change, with increasing demand for higher prices. The protection of security that causes the envy of others: the owner protects his property and must do so by hand to make the extraction and thongs other for food distribution. In this way, we can see an embryo of a program of capitalist society in place (head, worker, currency exchange or purchase, the nations of hard work).Second, competition is manifested through "industrial espionage" someone gets some flint and "prospects" of the place. Another deposit is found, prices decrease, everything has its own variety of silica.

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