Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Concentration of Gold

Concentration: Absorption or pre-concentration as it is generally alleged because of its position advanced of cyanidation in abounding gold abstraction flowsheets, can be use to advancement ores to:
Produce a aerial brand gold apply in a baby weight atom of the augment for added economical consecutive treatment.
Reject a allocation of the ore that contains no gold to abate the aggregate of augment to consecutive processes.
Reject a allocation of the ore that is arid but which contrarily abnormally affect consecutive gold extraction, e.g. cyanide burning sulphides, gold arresting carbonaceous aggregate and acerbic arresting carbonates.
The bread-and-butter allurement for absorption is that the aggregate extenuative accomplish by alleviative a abate aggregate of material, or by removing deleterious material, is greater than the accident of admired mineral in the alone portion. The upgraded atom is again advised added by assorted processes, depending on the grade, quantity, mineralogy and metallurgical properties.
Ore allocation is the bounce of a arid allocation of ore or the accepting of a gold affluent allocation for added treatment. This can be accomplished by chiral allocation based on the beheld actualization of the material, or with automatic ore allocation equipment, that await on aggregate ore backdrop such as optical actualization or radioactivity. Ore allocation has been activated with ample success to the Witwatersrand pebble-quartz amassed ores in South Africa.

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