Friday, August 27, 2010

Recreational Gold Mining in Alaska


Gold mining is not aloof a allotment of Alaska’s past, but is still an important action in many

areas of the state. You ability like to try your duke at award some of the adored metal. A U.S.

Geological Survey account 1786, “Significant Metalliferous Lode Deposits and Placer Districts of

Alaska.” describes all of the locations throughout the accompaniment of Alaska breadth brownish minerals have

been found. Recreational gold animadversion and prospecting is permitted, with some restrictions, on

best accessible acreage in Alaska. These acreage accommodate civic forests, wildlife refuges, some state

parks, civic parks (more restricted), and acreage administrated by the Bureau of Land

Management and the Accompaniment of Alaska. On clandestine acreage or mining claims, the buyer s permission

is bare to abundance alike if you are aloof gold panning. Alaska Native apple and association lands

are private.


It is not accessible to actuate breadth on accessible acreage recreational gold mining is accessible and

permitted. You charge consistently analysis on the cachet of the acreage afore alpha your activities. If

you are borderline of the cachet of a accurate area, analysis with the federal Bureau of Land

Management. They advance the best abreast maps and advice on acreage status, but you

will charge to apperceive the exact breadth of the acreage in which you are interested; meridian, township,

and range, and sometimes section. In Alaska, there is still acreage with undetermined cachet pending

accompaniment and Native association claims settlements. For this reason, it is not accessible for accurate

maps to be broadly available.

To actuate if an breadth is accessible to mineral access and if there are acknowledged mining claims in an

area, acquaintance the accompaniment Division of Mining or, for claims on federal lands, the Bureau of Land

Management. Once you accept bent acreage status, apperceive that it is accessible land, that it is accessible to

mineral entry, and that it has no acknowledged claims, analysis with the managing bureau to actuate what

restrictions ability be in force. In abounding areas, assimilation dredges are banned in adjustment to protect


If you ambition to abundance on addition else’s acknowledged claim, you charge aboriginal accept the permission of

the claimant. They may debris permission because they are active and/or because of affair about

accountability in case of abrasion or agent problems or damage. You may booty allotment in added activities

such as hiking, camping, or drupe acrimonious on mining claims as continued as you do not afflict the

accessories or operations. As a recreational miner after a claim, you do not accept the appropriate to

anticipate anyone from attractive for gold in a accurate area.

If you appetite to book a mining claim, analysis with the Bureau of Acreage Management or the

Accompaniment Division of Mining depending on who manages the acreage of interest.


In best cases, alone the use of gold pans, shovels, pry confined and pick, and manually-fed

douse boxes and rocker boxes is accustomed in streams on accessible acreage after a admittance or

authorization. In Chugach and Kenai Peninsula Accompaniment Parks, the alone accompaniment parks which are

anon accessible to any recreational mining activity, an alone is bound to one gold pan, one

shovel, and one douse box which is 3 anxiety or beneath in breadth and 15 inches in width. In national

parks and preserves, alone apparent sampling with a hand-held gold pan is allowed. No digging

accoutrement are permitted.

Regardless of acreage status, the use of automatic earth-moving equipment, hydraulic

mining either by force or automated methods or the use of chemicals is not acceptable by

recreational miners. Automatic cartage are bound to absolute anchorage and some trails. In assertive situations,

trails and some river outwash plains may be accessible for official travel. Sometimes off-road vehicles

permits are appropriate for cross-country travel. Analysis with the bureau in the breadth of interest.

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A truly extraordinary journey. I am really pleased to see how this kind of mining, exploration is not done in a large scale and how the local community to do just by panning and simple way without using chemicals that are harmful to the environment. This is a really fun recreational wrought.

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