Thursday, September 2, 2010

Australian Gold Nuggets

In Australia the geology that evolved was different than North America in that it produced big, exceptionally pure gold.  In North America most of the gold mined is microscopic.
The quartz veins in Australia produced the highest concentration of large solid masses of gold on Earth.  Millions of years of erosion dissolved the quartz veins and scattered the gold nuggets throughout the goldfields.
After 150 years of mining history there is still a small group of dedicated individual prospectors searching these areas with high tech metal detectors.
Every year a few hundred ounces of premium quality gold nuggets are discovered.  Each nugget is hand dug along with nails, bullets, bottle caps, etc.
Unlike the big gold mining companies with their multi-million dollar investments in heavy equipment and massive fuel bills, a cold beer is more relevant to the Australian seeker.  Keep in mind, the Australian prospector’s mine consists of a one-foot hole which is filled in afterwards. 


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