Friday, September 3, 2010

Gold Panning in Indiana

Many stories have been told about the lost gold and silver mines that are to be found in Indiana. Some individuals go to the extent of spending a great amount of effort and time into it. Others prefer gold panning. Gold panning in Indiana, as well as in many other states, has been found and searched for in the streams since the 1850’s and it is still possible to find gold flakes in some of the streams here. A good number of counties in Indiana have reported there being gold; however the in most cases it is only found in very small amounts. The gold in Indiana is known only from the streams and has glacial drift in the beds meaning that the gold is most likely being transported from another source. Keep in mind that gold panning can be a great amount of work and in most cases does not add up to a great amount of profit. Most people only require of a little bit of research on it before becoming certain of the huge amount of facts and teachings there are about this subject. It would be almost impossible to mention all the information about gold and all the stories and that exist on it, however, this information would not necessary be to much use to the everyday gold panner and prospector. If you are only looking for general information on gold you will be able to find it all over the place whether it be on the Internet, in books, in magazines. Incredibly enough, a lot of people that look for gold are citizens that have regular jobs and who have taken up panning as a weekend or holiday event. There are many different places one can go to that are open to the public for gold panning in Indiana and gold can and has been found in these places on many occasions. Many people use gold pans as well as metal detectors in order to find it. There are also other people that are fascinated with traveling to the different ghost towns that exist or deserted mining camps to search for ore veins and nuggets, as well as other valuable mineral specimens. Remember that the old time prospectors and miners overlooked a lot of the gold that was available due to the fact that they did not have the type of sophisticated equipment we have these days; the old time miners had to use their instincts and had to work without the help of electronic and modern equipment so take advantage of it.

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