Friday, September 3, 2010

Where to Find Gold

The USA’ southern desert has one of the biggest reserves of gold that still remains to be revealed. In this site we are going to be providing information on detecting gold, dry washing as well as the different locations in the desert that bare gold in the south-western states. The different anecdotes that have been told about the desert are tales that fill one with a feeling of adventure and excitement. There are many stories that have been told about lost treasures in the desert than in any other area. It is very easy to believe these stories especially when one comes to learn about the strange beauty that exists in the isolated areas of the desert and the huge amounts of wealth that have been taken from it. the objective of this site is to help prospectors and people in general find out where gold has been located in the past and where it can be found now in this modern age, as well as provide information on the lost treasure stories

in each place and the different interesting facts. One thing that must always be kept in mind before going on a prospecting trip is to make sure the vehicle that is going to be used is in tip top shape, especially when traveling in the desert. We have all heard of true stories where a person’s vehicle breaks down on an isolated road and the passengers end up dead because of exposure to the sun etc. therefore this is a very important point that should be highlighted on. The vehicle that is to be used should have enough gas and at least one extra five gallon can of water for the people going on the trip and for the vehicle. Do not forget to let somebody know where it is you and your party is going and when you are returning.

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