Saturday, September 24, 2011

GPS devices and navigation devices gold prospecting

 GPS make it possible for you to find your position - as well as other people, places and things - with pinpoint accuracy.
A perfect companion for the Gold Digger and modern treasure hunter. Find your way back to the creek alone or find your exact location of this new patch nugget that you are getting into the bush one day.

GPS Navigation Devices 

Click to enlargeAn overview of GPS products:

Handheld GPS navigation features powerful being in the palm of your hand. Lots to keep you informed of what awaits you on the trail or sidewalk.

GPS vehicle mount on the dashboard and keep you on the road. Many can guide you to your destination with voice commands and detailed road maps.

Marine GPS chart plotters map of your location on the lake or in the confines of the ocean.

GPS for PDAs or laptops allow you to turn your Palm, Pocket PC or laptop into a fully functional GPS device.

Mapping software allows you to add voice prompting, address mapping in the mapping and the way to specific addresses.

Click on the link below to see a GPS buying guide offering further information on GPS systems. Be sure to bookmark our site so you can return

GPS and Navigation Devices

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