Monday, September 12, 2011

Prospecting for Other Minerals

 There are Many Other deposits of minerals, metals and semi-precious stones in Australia. Some of These are in demand Commercially Such as lead, zinc, copper, platinum. To prospect for thesis, the basic methods Sami Such as research, geology and Can Be Used Known locations, purpose commodity EACH HAS Its Own signature. Study thesis signatures and then search for Them and You Could Be Valuable selling ground to mining companies.

Prospecting Tips

  • Contact state government departments regarding the types of permits you need for the type of prospecting you wish to do. They are very knowledgeable and really understand the difficulties faced by beginners.

  • Always ensure you have permission to access the area you wish to prospect. Contact pastoral leaseholders prior to entering the area.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask mining companies about access to their mining and prospecting areas. They are generally receptive to requests in exchange for the knowledge of your discoveries, particularly on their Exploration Licences.

  • If confronted by others asking you to leave the area, you have the right to politely ask for identification and evidence of their authority. It would be worth taking note of the details.

  • When using a metal detector, always dig every target. What sounds like a tin can has often been a decent nugget.

  • After digging out a nugget, always backfill your hole.

  • Don’t expect to find a fortune on your first day, because you won’t.

  • Enjoy the exercise and have fun!

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