Saturday, September 24, 2011

Metal Detector Digging Tools

 Nobody can tell you what is the right tool to dig for you. it's about the perfect tool for jobs and land, and personal preferences. I am certainly no expert, but I have some helpful tips when it comes to digging the city park. I broke my digging tool first. It was mainly a question of being very cheap. It was also a poor technique. After I watched the pros do it on youtube for a while I thought about it. In addition to becoming something strong, you do not use the handle for leverage. You want to take the shovel as you are now the top of the spoon. So if you have no prying, your hand is gripping the top of the spoon and handle. This is also how you get the most of your body weight to the tool all, instead of all your weight on the end of the handle while prying. This will give you more power to your cup down. This is the concept behind the ever famous "Digger Lesche" digging tool.
Bucket Digger Shovel Product DetailsProduct DetailsRTG SPEEDY SAND SCOOPEstwing  Quality Chisel  (sold out)

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